Legal Notice

The names of the company and representative, as well as the company’s address, telephone number, and email address


Representative: Charles-Antoine Picart

Address: 269 Higashi Iwase-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama

Telephone number: +81(76)-437-9916

Email address:

Purchase price and product shipping fees

Indicated for each product.

Cost to be paid by the customer other than the purchase price and product shipping fees

Indicated for each product.

Payment method and time for the payment

The purchase price payment method and time are as follows:

1) Paypal payment:

Up-front payment

2) Credit card payment:

Up-front payment

3) Bank transfer (individual):

Up-front payment

4) Bank transfer (corporation):

Up-front payment for the first order. Afterward, payment with cutoff at the end of each month and payment made by the end of the following month.

Effective period of application

In the case of up-front payment, please make payment within seven days after placing an order. If payment is not confirmed within seven days from order placement, we will treat the order as cancelled.

Product delivery time

We will ship products promptly (normally within three to five business days) after payment is confirmed in the case of up-front payment, or after sending an order confirmation email in the case of payment after shipment.

Special provisions regarding product returns

Returns, exchanges of Goods, and order cancellations are accepted in accordance with the following conditions.

1) Cancellations and change (cancelling an order application etc.) for customer’s own reasons

・We will accept cancellations of and changes for other products as long as we receive application for cancellations or changes from customers before products have not yet been shipped.

2) Product returns and exchanges due to negligence etc. on the part of the Company or the shipping carrier (mistaken delivery, damage to bottles or packaging, poor quality, etc.)

・We will accept returns of and exchanges for products as long as we receive application for returns or exchanges from customers within 14 days from the day the products arrive. In this case, shipping fees shall be paid by us (including product shipment and pickup costs)

* Please be aware that we will charge the full amount of product purchase prices and shipping fees (including for products returned from the customer to us) in cases where products are sent back to us without contact regarding product return, exchange, or cancellation, cases where the customer fails to receive or refuses products after they are shipped, cases where the products cannot be received because of long-term absence, cases where the shipping address is unclear, and other cases where the products cannot be received for reasons of the customer. Please understand that in the event of repeated product returns for the customer’s own reasons, we may regrettably decline orders placed in the future.